"Pro" Model Last 4 Ever Tip Tool - Dime Radius
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The "Pro" model features a matt black finish, has a scuffing surface and has a much finer grit on the shaper to maintain the shape versus create the shape and does not have the Mushroom Abrasive or tip burnishers since the pros have access to cue mechanics at almost every venue.



SHAPE - use the top of the tool radius abrasive to maintain the shape or re-shape tip to perfect sized radius.  Slowly rotate tip and stroke the length of the tool across the top of the tip until uniform radius is achieved.

SCUFFER - use the flat bottom of the tool to scuff your tip to maximize chalk holding properties.  DO NOT drag across surface as you will alter the shape of the tip.  Simply press the tool firmly against the tip and rock across the tip surface, rotate the shaft and repeat until the entire tip surface has been textured. You should not remove tip material while scuffing.




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"Pro" Model Last 4 Ever Tip Tool - Dime Radius

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